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About Syconium

  • Syconium Lactic Acid GmbH (SLA) has the goal to develop a production process for lactic acid operating at significantly lower costs compared to currently established production processes. Therefore SLA combines the newest knowhow in metabolic engineering and genetics of yeast strains with innovative approaches in bioprocess engineering to maximize the production rate of lactic acid.
  • The product of SLA is a novel proprietary production solution for lactic acid composed of a novel yeast strain and an aligned production process. SLA sees itself as a link between cutting edge scientific innovation and the large-scale industrial production.


  • Lactic acid is produced by the fermentation of starch. Industrially used bacteria include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The Syconium Lactic Acid (SLA) process will use genetically modified yeast strains to produce optically pure isomers of lactic acid: L(+)-lactic acid or D(-)-lactic acid dependent on the genetically modified yeast strains used. In aligning the specific metabolic needs of these yeast strains with innovative approaches in bioprocess engineering, the SLA process has the potential to reduce the lactic acid price significantly. Based on the current results the development of an industrial scalable process is planned. In the next step it is planned to develop the process in an industrial pilot scale together with an industrial partner that is convinced by SLAs approach.
  • In a second phase SLA will develop its novel production system further for the use of agricultural waste products as feedstock for the fermentation process. This further approach will enable to produce lactic acid to an even more competitive price by implementing SLA technology. The motivation to found Syconium Lactic Acid GmbH is to transfer latest scientific knowledge into environmentally friendly industrial production processes for chemical materials from renewable resources.